Topics of Interest

The workshop solicits contributions on data management issues related to data processing/analytics within the energy domain ranging from conceptual modeling over theoretical foundations, system architecture and implementation to real world case studies. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Energy-specific data modeling
  • Meta-data management, provenance management, life cycle management of energy data
  • Large-scale data integration considering energy-specific formats and protocols
  • Novel data processing architectures for coping with very large energy data sets
  • Novel partitioning, caching, and replication schemes within energy IT infrastructures
  • Query language design, query processing, and query optimization techniques
  • Robustness aspects with regard to performance, scalability, reliability, and dependability
  • Data security and data privacy when managing energy data
  • Novel and domain specific data mining algorithms
  • Domain-specific forecasting and prediction methods
  • Systems support to manage and query forecasted data
  • Support for advanced energy analytics within database systems
  • Case studies outlining real world applications and application scenarios with a strong focus on production, distribution, and consumption of energy
  • Challenges and vision of mid-/long-term solutions for an efficient and robust energy data management system

We welcome submissions of high-quality, original research and are particularly interested in submissions that demonstrate industrial-strength solutions from systems as well as application perspectives. We also explicitly ask for contributions describing work-in-progress with a clear vision of the overall work. Submissions should not extend 8 pages in the ACM Proceedings style.